Now offering telemedicine visits during COVID-19

We are currently offering telemedicine visits to our patients during this time of national emergency with the Coronavirus. We are offering Telemedicine via phone calls and Skype, Zoom, Google Duo, Meet, Hangouts, and Apple Facetime.


This is for patients for follow and H&P visits for those that do not feel safe leaving their home, who are over the age of 65, and those who may have any underlining health conditions that make them more vulnerable in these circumstances we are in.


Serving The Metro Atlanta and Athens Areas

Historically patients have been limited in their choices when it comes to managing their spinal and other chronic pain disorders with either pills or major surgeries. These treatments often lead them to struggle with less than satisfactory results after months to years of post-operative frustration. Today, patients have vastly superior options, and can expect far better outcomes than ever before.

Technology and Modern Medicine

MDPC’s Philosophy: “Our aim for each patient is to increase their quality of life and restore function.”

In the 21st century medicine and technology have merged and grown together. This merge has been the catalyst for an evolutionary movement in medicine towards minimally invasive spine surgeries and procedures.

What once took a 20 cm incision and a week stay in the hospital can be achieved in under an hour through a hole smaller than the size of a nickel. For the patient this means less tissue destruction, fewer complications, quicker recovery times and similar if not better results than the more traditional “classic” open surgeries.

The MDPC model uses a unique multi-faceted stepwise algorithmic approach in treating complex spinal and chronic pain disorders.

The idea is that after an initial consultation the patient is treated with simplest method possible. We use the least invasive diagnostic/treatment step only to advance up the ladder if the previous step(s) fail to bring relief of the presenting complainants. Thus, more invasive procedures or surgeries can usually be avoided unless absolutely necessary to bring the pain under control.

Once a clear diagnosis has been made the patient’s pain can be managed or sometimes cured all together. This usually means implementing a multi-disciplinary approach involving combination of treatment modalities. These may include a short course of medications/infusions, exercises, physical therapy, interventional diagnostic and /or therapeutic procedures, and last but not least preventative strategies.

Pain Reduction

Usually patients will be able to reduce their pain to a point where it no longer will interface with their daily life activities. Most procedures performed at the clinic can be done with minimal anesthesia. This means the patient can go home within thirty minutes after most treatments. This is because MDPC uses a special x-ray machine that can see into your body in a “real-time” manner that permits our doctors to access the painful area by using a very small needle, which most patients tolerate very well. This allows for a therapeutic laser precise targeting of the pain generator(s). Our minimally invasive spinal surgeries can also be performed on an outpatient basis at MDPC’s Surgery Center with minimal sedation.